doris fish silk screens!

hey there, ladies. today jim winters and i spent a bunch of time spray painting and silkscreening these prints of notorious drag sub-lebrity doris fish. doris fish is most famous for her film "vegas in space", and, for those of you who have never seen it, it's a goody goody. go rent it.

now. the screens. daniel, a friend of jim's found them on the street. we're pretty sure that doris herself made them. so we decided (with the blessing of phillip r. ford and miss x) to make prints from the screens to sell at sugar valley this year. half the proceeds (and the screens themselves) will go to the doris fish archive.

this is the first in a series. we made a few of these gals, and they look good, if i do say so! there's a few more silkscreens left for us to do - we'll be doing those next saturday.

doris fish