i ran across this video on the youtubes and thought i'd share. it is because of this band that my boyfriend and i connected* - 18 years later we're still under the wicked charm of this amazing band. x broke the rules in an interesting way. x made me want to write and draw and be an interesting/interested person. x made me feel like there was a world - an interesting one, filled with interesting people - outside of the town where i lived. exene published her own zines filled with her writing and images and collage. this was fascinating and new. she terrified me. she did a crazy doll-house dance on stage. i followed them around and wrote them letters and wore a variety of x buttons on my cardigans. when i saw them play (for one of their reunion tours) it was as if i had put on a really comfortable sweater that i thought i had lost. there was a sadness there, too. they sounded great, and they should have made it really big.

there was a show of punk rock memorabilia that exene organized, and she asked me to contribute something. here's what i put in the show. i was sandwiched between mark mothersbaugh and phranc and was over the moon. i made this image ten years ago, mind you.


*i had a bootleg cassette of X playing that i loaned to andy. he used the cassette as an excuse to come visit me, and linger, and talk for a while. on our first date we agreed that john doe was foxy.


because i do,