wertz illustration spring 2013 : what is the what

Hey you all, greetings from the Land of Oaks! There's lots of things afoot here (I can't tell you about them quite yet - but soon), and I'm taking advantage of my Spring Break time to catch up and say hello.

First of all, I helped to produce a groovy set of snakey stamps for the Elsewhere Philatelic Society's Chinese New Year event..

.. and here's the gocco-printed postcard that went with the stamp.

Check this poster design I did for this sweet couple gettin' hitched this year.

A good deal of my time lately has been spent at my alma-mater, CCA. I've been teaching a Digital Tools class for the Illustration Department. I was asked to produce a Thank You card for visiting lecturers. I've had lots of great visitors to my class : Jim Winters, Beth Dean, John Mattos, and Gordon Studer have all dropped some wisdom in the student's heads. Here's what I came up with for the card:


I drove up to Mendocino College to teach a screenprinting workshop for my dear friend Susan Gross' printmaking class: and the results were fantastic!


And, finally, a cover illustration I did for Bay Woof magazine:


Ok, my Peeps. Enjoy your Springtimes!