The Elsewhere Philatelic Society (this weekend)

Friends, There is an Elsewhere Philatelic Society event happening in Oakland beginning this Saturday. It is at the Naming Gallery, which is located at 335 15th Street. The gallery will be showing the Elsewhere Philatelic Society's various creations during these times:

Saturday June 7th - 11am to 11pm Sunday June 8th - 11am to 4pm Wednesday June 11th - 11am to 6pm

Closing reception: Wednesday June 11th 6:03pm-8:30pm at least, perhaps longer.

Please no earlybirds.

As mentioned before, on Saturday there will be gold EPS logo silkscreening starting at noon and on the hour. Bring a shirt or paper or something else flat and big enough to accommodate the circular seal (13 1/2" x 14"). Black works well.

Bring your shiny thing of great import. If you do not know what that is, you probably do not have one. The nook will tell you more, once it is up (which should be rather soon).

Bring a quarter ($0.25). There is a quarter disposal receptacle on display at the gallery.

If you have a cellular telephone, make sure that it is fully charged. If you have headphones, that would also be beneficial.

See you then.