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Friendlies: I'm attempting a little experiment over here. We (the royal we) have created a monthly inbox zine called Wertzeen. If you sign up, it will arrive, like a magic mist, in your email inbox. Once a month, and no more than once a month. It is a zine without the paper: a zeen. We’ll keep you informed not just of our illustrative scribblings and meanderings but also of the happenings of the Bay Area creative community. It will be good fun, and it means you no harm. It is free and easy. If this interests you, click on over to this page.

I'm posting issue #001 tomorrow, and I can't wait.



25 Years of Argyll! TONIGHT!

Hey friendlies, we celebrate 25 years of the Argyll Adventure Tree TONIGHT! We're dragging out the crates and dusting off the vinyl.

You can bet your LAST CASH this will be a STONE GAS!

Listen: Thursday February 6, from 5-7 PM PST by pointing your glowing boxes towards 9th Floor Radio.


[update: you can listen to the archived show here, and see the playlist here. it was a beautiful night. thank you for listening!]