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Friendlies: I'm attempting a little experiment over here. We (the royal we) have created a monthly inbox zine called Wertzeen. If you sign up, it will arrive, like a magic mist, in your email inbox. Once a month, and no more than once a month. It is a zine without the paper: a zeen. We’ll keep you informed not just of our illustrative scribblings and meanderings but also of the happenings of the Bay Area creative community. It will be good fun, and it means you no harm. It is free and easy. If this interests you, click on over to this page.

I'm posting issue #001 tomorrow, and I can't wait.



rest in peace, miss olive

It is with great sadness that I report that our furry office-mate Miss Olive has headed out to the next great green pasture. Greg Proops might say that she is now a scintillating collection of purple and blue stars floating above us in the firmament.

She will be missed. She was our best friend and constant companion for almost 14 years.

I made a little zine about her which you can download here.

We will always love you, Miss Olive.


A few notes from the Alternative Press Expo

A few highlights from the Alternative Press Expo (a.k.a. 'The Temple of Spendy'): First of all, I have to mention my yearly APE companion: Anne-Maria. I love going to these things with AM. She talks to everyone. EVERYONE. She is not afraid tell the scary metal-obsessed tattooed boys that she wants their shirt. She draws out the shut-ins and makes them feel human again. She's a gem.

The Queer Comics Panel hosted by Justin Hall is always a lot of fun. A good discussion of Genre: Slice of Life books vs. Fantasy books. Sat with the Verasphere for this talk, and I think they should start a Mrs. Vera comic ! Was most interested in Cedric Hollows by Sina Grace. I need to get myself a copy. Liz Baillie was also amusing: need to check out 'My Brain Hurts'.

In other gay comics news: Wuvable Oaf. Bought a couple of issues, and they're hilarious. I was laughing at loud in the aisle at the image of Baby Wuvable Oaf emerging from his mother's loins, already sporting a thick beard and hairy arms. Too much.

Big news in lynda barry land (straight from the mouth of the D&Q guy): 'the near sighted monkey' is turning in to to a 'what it is' style work-book about drawing. All hail LYNDA BARRY!

A few new hardcover books (I budgeted $100 for the expo, aaand spent every thin dime) HOT POTATOE by Marc Bell, and Masterpiece Comics by Robert Sikoryak (who also gave a talk on Sunday with my friend Isabel Samaras). Got these fine fellows to sign my books.