A few notes from the Alternative Press Expo

A few highlights from the Alternative Press Expo (a.k.a. 'The Temple of Spendy'): First of all, I have to mention my yearly APE companion: Anne-Maria. I love going to these things with AM. She talks to everyone. EVERYONE. She is not afraid tell the scary metal-obsessed tattooed boys that she wants their shirt. She draws out the shut-ins and makes them feel human again. She's a gem.

The Queer Comics Panel hosted by Justin Hall is always a lot of fun. A good discussion of Genre: Slice of Life books vs. Fantasy books. Sat with the Verasphere for this talk, and I think they should start a Mrs. Vera comic ! Was most interested in Cedric Hollows by Sina Grace. I need to get myself a copy. Liz Baillie was also amusing: need to check out 'My Brain Hurts'.

In other gay comics news: Wuvable Oaf. Bought a couple of issues, and they're hilarious. I was laughing at loud in the aisle at the image of Baby Wuvable Oaf emerging from his mother's loins, already sporting a thick beard and hairy arms. Too much.

Big news in lynda barry land (straight from the mouth of the D&Q guy): 'the near sighted monkey' is turning in to to a 'what it is' style work-book about drawing. All hail LYNDA BARRY!

A few new hardcover books (I budgeted $100 for the expo, aaand spent every thin dime) HOT POTATOE by Marc Bell, and Masterpiece Comics by Robert Sikoryak (who also gave a talk on Sunday with my friend Isabel Samaras). Got these fine fellows to sign my books.