silkscreening resources (updated 1.18)

this is a very quick list of stuff. there's so much more on the webs than there was when i first made this list (2007)! * first off:

buy yourself a copy of this book. andy macdougall also created squeegeeville. take a look.

* local shops:

the grease diner

bloom press

the w.o.r.k.s.

creative screen technologies

* online tutorials

here's a tutorial about reduction screen printing by artist Jim Winters.

an online (comic) pdf called diy silkscreening.

how to silkscreen posters and shirts

psprint's history and resources

screen a t-shirt at home

* materials

dick blick screen supplies page


need a detailed screen burned? ask the kind folks at creative screen technologies. you can even email a black and white jpg to be made into a screen!

cheap tee shirts

* inspiration

gigposters. a very active community of artists lives here.

reinventing screenprinting

the little friends of printmaking


dan mccarthy

idea generation website links

here's a few i've stumbled across. do you have another? i get stuck all the time, it's good for me to have this in one place! *ugh. i hab a code in by dose.. <sniff>*

brian eno's oblique strategies. there's even a paperless version for your dashboard if you have a mac.

i just got a copy of wreck this journal and i can't wait to start. i wish i could "wreck" this blog.

lucid dreaming (have you seen the film "waking life"?)

cut up machine

wabi sabi

john alcorn

hack your way out of writers block