a blast from the past : when the studio was in the basement

Friendlies, I unearthed these 2008 CVB posters a few weeks back and put them back up in the shop so I thought I'd unearth the video of me making them in the basement. In the most hoopty sweater-and-haircut combination possible. See also the final poster and the sketch for the Cracker record that inspired the poster. Enjoy.




Campout 9 Poster Design

Hello Friendlies, Campout 9 is upon us. Here's the poster I just finished. Stay tuned for the printed version. This was a meditation on an upcoming birthday, on the death of the glaciers, on the old traditions and religions. Remember when rock and roll used to be dangerous? Apparently a 9 enneagram is "the peacemaker". That sounds good to me.



cvb apothecary posters are up in the shop!

dear friendlies, the cvb/cracker apothecary posters are up in the shop. two colors, 18 x 24". printed by nat at bloom press. yummy.



p.s. these posters travelled all the way to st. louis, where they got signed by both bands. go get one if you're at one of the shows. also: there's a good interview with david lowery talking about cracker's recent trip to play for the soldiers in iraq here.

EDIT 1.13.10: the first 150 posters of the edition sold out at the first four shows of the tour! i'll be sending another 30 out for the show at the highline ballroom in NYC. there's a small stack available at the shop as well.