Just Another Music Tuesday

Hi friendlies: Music fills the room at the Wertzateria for about 12 or 13 hours a day. It's our constant companion. I geek out about music the way some people geek out about sports - or movies. I dream about doing posters for my favorite bands, and sometimes my dreams come true (stay tuned for a Campout 2009 poster design!). I am constantly searching the intertubes for interesting music to play on my radio show, The Argyll Adventure Tree. Some music (and noise related sites and images, many thanks to Phil Benson) for your eyes and ears:

On July 2, William Orbit played a live set on KCRW (featuring Laurie Mayer from Torch Song)!

Our friends in Voice Farm have a new website. I love these guys.

There's a nifty documentary about Brian Eno (whose Oblique Strategies I use all the time when I'm doing a creative project) streaming right here.

A lovely sad song: "Another Day" by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush. I know the cover by This Mortal Coil, but I'd never heard the original.

A contemplative moment: through our friend Antony we were turned on to the music of William Basinski (in fact, Andy did a bunch of work on William's site). Quiet, loopy, weird, and entrancing.

You might enjoy the Nigeria 70 Box Set. Funky and so, so great.

Here's a few records I worked on: Popular Songs of Great Enduring Strength and Beauty by Camper Van Beethoven and Honey by Jonathan Segel. Go on, drop a dime on these fine folks.