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a blast from the past : when the studio was in the basement

Friendlies, I unearthed these 2008 CVB posters a few weeks back and put them back up in the shop so I thought I'd unearth the video of me making them in the basement. In the most hoopty sweater-and-haircut combination possible. See also the final poster and the sketch for the Cracker record that inspired the poster. Enjoy.




the day lassie went to the moon poster : in the shop!

Dear Friends of Music, this is a project that I've been working on for a while now, and I'm glad to finally see it on paper. David Lowery from Camper Van Beethoven asked if I'd consider making the song The Day That Lassie Went to the Moon (one of my favorites) into a kid's book, and I thought it was a great idea for a poster as well as a book (the book is still to come!). Well, a bunch of hours of sketching, drawing, and printing later, here she is. Have a gander, and if you'd like, head over to the shop to buy yourself one. Printed with love by yours truly at Bloom Press in Oakland with the kind assistance of Nat Swope.




Chris Rathman's Bead-A-Mation for La Costa Perdida

Wow. I'm stunned. Chris Rathman has taken the cover art I created for Camper Van Beethoven's La Costa Perdida and has done stop-motion animation with plastic beads to create this super-groovy video. There's lots of great CVB in-jokes that whiz by. You'll have to see for yourself. Behold:

Peaches In The Summertime - Camper Van Beethoven (Full Bead-A-Mation) from Chris Rathman on Vimeo.

Apparently, this took Chris six months to complete. Stunning.

By the way, have you checked out the artwork I did for the new record? Here's a taste.



La Costa Perdida

Friendlies, the new Camper Van Beethoven record is out today, and it is, indeed, a goody goody. The package design and illustrations were done by yours truly. You can stream the whole thing here, and you can buy yourself a copy here. I recommend getting a "hard copy" of the CD, since that will give you the full sensory experience of owning the record (as opposed to having these little pop gems lost in the "shuffle" of your playlists).

Go ahead, treat yourself. Buy the CD from your local music purveyor, wait for it to arrive, pour yourself a frosty beverage, put the CD on, find a comfortable place to sit and listen, and relax. Listen to each track carefully, noting your physical reaction to each song. You might get distracted. That's ok. Sit back down, and listen to the next track. And so on. See? Feels good, right?

Do you know Camper's older musics? You might start with Popular Songs of Great Enduring Strength and Beauty. This is a good collection. If you like that one, you're ready for Cigarettes and Carrot Juice, a box set of their early records. Key Lime Pie is another favorite. Listen, it's all great. Trust me.


You'll find me at The Rickshaw Stop on February 16.


cvb apothecary posters are up in the shop!

dear friendlies, the cvb/cracker apothecary posters are up in the shop. two colors, 18 x 24". printed by nat at bloom press. yummy.



p.s. these posters travelled all the way to st. louis, where they got signed by both bands. go get one if you're at one of the shows. also: there's a good interview with david lowery talking about cracker's recent trip to play for the soldiers in iraq here.

EDIT 1.13.10: the first 150 posters of the edition sold out at the first four shows of the tour! i'll be sending another 30 out for the show at the highline ballroom in NYC. there's a small stack available at the shop as well.

camper van beethoven

hi there ladies, had a very quick (and very refreshing) one day trip to santa cruz - saw camper van beethoven play at this place called the attic. CVB is my/our favorite band from "back when" - though it's odd to say it like that, since they put out a great record two or so years ago. the crowd is a tad older, but the band is still super tight & the songs sound as fresh and weird as they ever did.

there's a delicious rumor going 'round that a certain michael wertz and a certain jonathan segel may be collaborating on the design and imagery for his next compact disc release. stay tuned.

here's a fil-mm of camper playing a couple of my favorite songs: